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Denali Environmental Supply (DES) is the distributor for Bio-Microbics, Inc. (BMI) in the state of Alaska.  We are interested in helping you solve your onsite septic treatment needs.  The more difficult the project, the more we’re confident you’ll turn to our team for a solution!

Bio-Microbics Inc. > S.O.S.—Save Our Septic® Program

How can we help “Save Your Septic”?SOS_Save_our_Septic_RetroFAST-210x300
The S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Program provides homeowners peace of mind when upgrading biologically-failed septic systems and to prevent future failures. We can help fix or prevent:

  • Soggy Lawns
  • Foul Odors
  • Plumbing Backups

Installed in the existing septic tank, the RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement provides a simple, “septic system enhancement” that improves conventional septic tanks to ensure a clean environment for future generations without the use of costly chemicals or additives.

Guaranteed or your money back! Whether due to age or site issues, the S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Program identifies an existing septic system’s biological failing situation. Under this program, we are offering a MONEY-BACK warranty. If after one (1) year from the date of startup date, the RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement does not eliminate the symptoms of the biologically failed system; the owner is entitled to the refund amount of the entire RetroFAST® system.

  • RetroFAST® Systems (all sizes) are introduced as an upgrade to conventional septic tanks in the MOA (Municipality of Anchorage). Crewdson Engineering (find on Facebook!) will perform the 1-year monitoring required by the State of Alaska:  RetroFAST State Approval Letter

  • BioBarrier® Systems (1.0-N Sized unit) are introduced in the MOA (Municipality of Anchorage). Crewdson Engineering (find on Facebook!) will perform the 1-year monitoring required by the State of Alaska:  BioBarrier State Approval Letter

Drainfield Application Rates

Drainfield Application Rates_cropped


Residential onsite water-focused systems and products can have significant potential benefits beyond the utility bills for property and homeowners. For example, compared to conventional water-efficient homes built using low-flow fixtures, those residences with water capture, treatment and recycling systems could save a third (due to treated greywater being circulated to the toilets ) or more in total water consumption, while generating only one-sixth the peak sewage.

Water reuse enables municipalities to decrease the displacement/discharge into surface waters, and the demand on the local potable watershed. This could lead to lower fees for the residents, less maintenance, while significantly stretching allocations for reduced water.

Ecological water management systems and both decentralized residential and commercial wastewater (i.e. blackwater/greywater) treatment technologies can satisfy project goals and provide more options for using treated water. With a long, proven history, these systems perform exceptionally well in achieving the new higher levels of nitrogen removal, net-zero water goals, and optimal effluent quality with automated, energy efficiency.

Bio-Microbics, Inc. –

Why consider the award-winning products from Bio-Microbics?

    • Four (4) Wastewater Treatment technologies: BioBarrier®, FAST®, SeptiTech® STAAR™, and RollsAIR® with sizes from 500 to 1,000,000 GPD; ideal for single homes, commercial properties, and small communities/municipalities.
    • Three (3) Stormwater Treatment Products: BioSTORM®, StormTEE®, and d-Rain Joint™.
    • Two (2) Greywater Treatment Technologies: BioBarrier® GWMBR® and Recover® Water Recovery System!
    • Marine Wastewater Treament for boats/ships: MarineFAST® wastewater treatment systems and SciBRINE® & SciCHLOR® Water Treatment Systems (see:
    • Cleaners and Maintenance Products: Mighty Mike® environmentally-friendly cleaners and maintenance products.

BioBarrier® MBR/HSMBR®/GWMBR® (Residential/Commercial/Greywater) Treatment & Reuse | Sustainable Water Engineering

The BioBarrier® MBR® System is part of Bio-Microbics proven, certified, and award-winning line of Membrane BioReactors. The BioBarrier® MBRs dramatically simplify the settling, screening, aeration and ultrafiltration of the treatment process to remove 99.9% of the contaminants. Included in the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) 2016 LIFT’s “Passport to Innovation” Program – Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT), a growing collection of vetted, innovative technologies that will drastically improve wastewater treatment operations, the BioBarrier® MBR, HSMBR® GWMBR® range from 250 to 100,000+ GPD flows, meet water quality requirements that can be used for restricted indoor water use and/or unrestricted outdoor water use. Installed in locally-sourced, above- or below-grade tanks, these total wastewater or greywater-only treatment systems are certified to establish the material, design, construction, and performance for onsite residential and commercial properties.  

For Engineers: The BioBarrier® MBR is approved in the Municipality of Anchorage for Direct Subsurface Discharge without ultra-violet or chlorine disinfection.  It’s a great choice for residential wastewater treatment projects where shallow groundwater/bedrock/impermeable soils, surface water, steep slopes and/or private wells make it challenging if not impossible to design a code compliant wastewater treatment system.  All BioBarrier® installations are required to be constructed by Denali Environmental Supply certified installers.  The Denali Environmental Supply certified installer program has two (2) levels of certification.  The Level 1 certification is required to install the septic tank and drain system.  The Level 2 certification is required to install the BioBarrier® treatment components and test run the system.  Both certification levels require training and a passing test grade.  After construction is completed; certified installers are required to submit photo documentation of key project milestones, Denali Environmental Supply’s required construction checklist, and a set of redline construction drawings to Denali Environmental Supply.

For Home Builders: The BioBarrier® MBR can be installed without the need for most of the septic vent pipes and/or a mounded drainfield that can severely detract from the natural beauty of the property.  Because the treatment system uses a significantly smaller drainfield, the construction cost is often much less than other wastewater treatment options available in the Municipality of Anchorage, and the location of the septic system is much less likely to take priority over the house location.  The treatment system has the added benefit of being monitored and maintained by a Denali Environmental Supply certified maintenance provider.  The purchase price also includes four scheduled maintenance visits (roughly six months apart) for the first two years of operation.

RetroFAST® Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems

The RetroFAST is an ideal choice to remediate/heal an aging wastewater drainfield.  The treatment system is installed in the second chamber of an existing or new septic tank, requiring minimal digging with much less impact to property landscaping and improvements compared to replacing a drainfield.  The  EPA-ETV certified system has a record of healing failing drainfields and is covered by the Bio-Microbics S.O.S.-Save Our Septic Warranty Program, where the manufacturer will buy the RetroFAST unit back if the drainfield isn’t remediated within one year of the installation.

RECOVER® Residential Water Recovery | Conservation Device for Water Efficiency

Residential Water Recovery System captures shower water, applies filtration and disinfection to be used to flush toilet(s). The greywater is then stored in a tank ready to be used and potentially save up to 30% of water usage in the home or building. The Recover® unit’s Smart Controller automates cleaning the screen, managing the storage/purge process, and auto detects toilet leakage – potentially saving extra 13% in water consumption!

d-Rain Joint™ Linear Rainwater Filtration Device | Rainwater Filtration for Impervious Surfaces

The d-Rain Joint™ Rainwater Filter Device for concrete surfaces was named “2017 Top 10 Green Building Product” by BuildingGreen, Inc. at the recent USGBC GreenBuild Show. Developed to satisfy permeable, pervious driveway requirements for Residential or commercial applications, the d-Rain Joint installs between concrete slabs to provide permeable drainage and allows runoff to infiltrate into the ground at a flow rate of more than 2 gallons (capable of up-to-5 gallons!) per minute per linear foot. The d-Rain Joint achieves infiltration of rainwater rather than diverting the untreated runoff to another location (usually an open waterway rather than through the ground). Designed for impervious driveways to provide the permeable stormwater solution for public/private:
o Driveways
o Parking Lots
o Street Systems
o Walkways

We can assist you with (Typical 16’ x 24’sizing and custom designs) Driveway Calculations: to calculate the performance of the permeable drive way system, we start with the square footage of the driveway and typical rainfall statistics for the location of the project. Final Performance Calculation will be dependent on the void-to-solid ratio of the stone gravel bed available.

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