As the distributor for Bio-Microbics, Inc. (BMI) septic treatment systems in the state of Alaska, Denali Environmental Supply (DES) is ready to provide the necessary septic treatment equipment for your project.  The DES-BMI team has the experience needed to help ensure your septic treatment project will be a success.  DES staffing includes civil and environmental engineering capability specialized in the design of wastewater treatment systems.  As such, we are uniquely able to work with the other principal project players (owner, project engineer, regulator and contractor) from the preliminary design stage through to project completion to help do our part in guiding the project to success.


Bio-Microbics Membrane BioReactors: BioBarrier®, GWMBR®, & HSMBR®

Compared to many other advanced onsite wastewater treatment methods, a Membrane BioReactor (MBR) uses a relatively small footprint while producing very high quality effluent (water), making it easier to find a suitable location to install the septic system on the property.  The additional excavation required to install other advanced wastewater treatment systems compared to the Bio-Microbics MBR’s (see BioBarrier photo below) is significant .  As can be seen in the photo, unlike other treatment methods that require additional digging to install many of the treatment components, all of the BioBarrier treatment components (except for the blower set at grade) are mounted inside the septic tank, making it much less expensive to install.  The BioBarrier is NSF 350 certified, which allows its effluent to be reused in the house to flush toilets and to be directly discharged to the ground (surface or subsurface).  This is why the Bio-Microbics MBR’s are a great cost effective choice that can help conserve water usage while being friendly to the environment too!



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