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Denali Environmental Supply (DES) is the Alaska distributor for the Bio-Microbics product line of advanced wastewater treatment systems.  DES is able to provide the products and engineering support your advanced wastewater treatment project needs to help ensure it’s successful completion and long-term low-cost operation.  We have “in-house” civil and environmental engineering capability available to work with your project engineer to find the best, advanced wastewater design solution for your project.

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Much of the property available to build on in Alaska is either very challenging or near impossible to develop due to the associated wastewater treatment issues.  Issues such as small lot size, shallow bedrock, and groundwater, less than minimum separation distances to steep slopes, drinking water wells and water bodies (surface water, lakes, ponds, streams, marine, etc.).  DES specializes in the marketing and support of products that are designed to meet the needs of these very challenging property development issues.

Bio-Microbics Sales and Service

As the Alaska distributor for Bio-Microbics, DES can provide the equipment needed to safely and efficiently treat the sewage flow for a typical residential single family home up to a commercial or public facility generating 100,000 gallons per day.  DES provides product sales and support from the initial design and construction phase to long-term operations and maintenance.

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Meet our Safety Officer!

Our Border Collie, Gracie, is the Denali Environmental Supply Safety Officer Mascot. In her off hours she likes to spend time hunting, herding and providing therapy to anyone she can get close to.

Intelligent and obedient, Border Collies have a strong herding instinct, which helps keep us in line and a real plus to have in your Safety Officer!

Education & Training – Alaska Water Wastewater Management

We can train for Level I & Level II Water and Wastewater Certification:

  • Water and Wastewater Research & Technology
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Surface Water Protection
  • Wastewater Treatment & Collection
  • Water Reuse
  • Utility Design, Operations, Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Regulatory
  • High Strength Commercial Systems

    High Strength wastewater treatment systems available to offer commercial properties, such as retail or wholesale trade buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices, clinics/hospitals, warehouses, light manufacturing, and other such applications versatile and consistent high performance even on the most seemingly unbuildable lots.

    Clean, Safe Water for Alaska!

    Alaska Training Coalition Calendar: http://dec.alaska.gov/water/opcert/TrainingCalendar.htm

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